What Can Drones Do For Your Real Estate Business

My favorite photography shoot we recently did was an absolutely gorgeous home in the Black Forest community of Colorado Springs. Custom built, beautifully kept up. It was surrounded by mature trees and had a few acres to roam around on. It was so cold that morning that the batteries had frozen in the short time we took to unpack. I thawed them out and completed my inspections while Bryan finished up the interior photos. Driving up to the home, the further we got into the woods the more I realized that we would have something special.

We scheduled the shoot early in the morning and the sky was beginning to show that perfect winter light. The one you only get on a cold day with fresh snow on the ground and the sun’s rays peeking in. I completed my pre-flight checks and took off knowing that I had a much shorter time to complete my flight plan. The batteries wouldn’t be able to hold the same power. They would drain much faster in the cold air and I would ended up using my two spares to make sure we had all the footage we would need.

The home was in a location that you just knew this was Colorado. This was it. The dream. The snowy mountain retreat with the fireplace, the ginormous Christmas tree (Well done Clark) and that peaceful silence that comes with being out in the woods. I was just finishing up my flight path before I decided to do one last photo. There was an angle that I saw that juxtaposed the house against the hill. The sky had this real peculiar color that was just promising more snow to come. As soon as the wind died down and the drone was steady, I snapped a five burst automatic exposure bracketing photo set and knew that this would be my favorite shot of the day. I landed the drone and went inside nursing a frozen set of ears and fingers.

Homes such as the one in Black Forest without a doubt benefit from their location. Aerials are a no-brainer on these properties. They naturally score more clicks and get more views. You can throw statistics at people all day long about how much better listings sell with professional photos and aerials. The truth is that the people that know it are already doing it and they’re doing it well. It is entirely about the presentation. The branding. The way that we present ourselves is the way that we present their home. It’s the same in every industry and relationships must always come first before business. Using professionals to sell a home shows a client that their future, their move out date, and their next chapter of their lives is safe in our hands.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a realtor over the phone. Robert Nichols or Bobby as his friends and family call him is an agent in Colorado Springs. I kept seeing his Facebook videos of listings and his aerials were spot on. I reached out hoping to share best practices and gain some insight into what innovation looks like from the realtor’s side. He was extremely helpful and glad to share his experiences. His answer surprised me when I asked whether he uses drones on all his listings; “Yeah, without a doubt. I try to use them on every listing that I can”.

Even though I was on the lender’s side of things and no stranger to real estate, I had never been an agent or written a contract from that side of the desk. I was curious to see how a professional realtor might market themselves. Robert’s answers and knowledge gave me a lot style="margin:20px 0px;"to consider.

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